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About the Place

Established in 2016

-   ABOUT US  -

Chef Cayden

Established in December of 2016, Cayden's Cuisine is a catering and food service company whose sole focus is to use quality and authentic ingredients to create  Original, Visually Appealing ,and attractive dishes that will Saturate the taste buds in savory, indulgent, and unique flavors -A tantalizing experience that can only be lived through Cayden's Cuisine!

Eating is Essential to Life, So Eat Well!

The dishes that we prepare are made with passion and life that can be experienced through a taste.

We strive to make every dish from scratch, and to avoid processed and manufactured foods as much as possible.


We believe that the fresh foods are the key to a dishes true depth of flavor!(RAW)

We believe that food should greet you, and ignite  your senses  before you taste it!(RAVISHING)

We believe that every bite should take you on a distant journey, whether a destination anew or familiar! (DECADENT)!


Headed by our founder and culinary curator DeQuan Sam, Cayden's Cuisine is an organic business venture that began in the UTSA community located in San Antonio,TX. Initially established to serve college students by providing high-quality and elegantly-prepared homemade meals that would suit any college students budget.

 Now, we have sharpened our skill sets, expanded our palates, and have come back to our roots in Houston,TX!

Here at Cayden's...every recipe, every event...

 begins with simplicity, Quality, and You in mind!

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