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Food Services
  • Full spotlight introduction to our tempting list of delectable dishes!

    100 US dollars
  • Bring the restaurant to your kitchen with our decadent brunch service!

    300 US dollars
  • We prepare the food, and you prepare the party !

    350 US dollars
  • Get your guests attention with Industrial Catering equipment & garnish

    450 US dollars
  • Turn your event into a spectacle worth blogging about ! Cooking LIVE!

    650 US dollars
  • Stun your guest with elegant mini versions of our best dishes!

    350 US dollars
  • Glitz, glam, siver platters, and bowties! Book your cocktail party!

    500 US dollars
  • Catering outside of Texas. See Pricing/FAQ or contact for more detail.

    500 US dollars

  • 325 US dollars

  • 250 US dollars

Be Advised 

The listed price is the DEPOSIT for the event of choice.

Each deposit is priced to cover 10 guest(s).

Any additional costs, including the following will be listed on the final invoice after menu design :

Additional Guest(s)

Food Costs

Travel & Logistics

Deposit will be applied to final invoice.

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